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How to proceed:

Please listen to all the individual voices on the MP3 files before you make a choice. After you have chosen a voice please listen 3/4 times before you start practising. In this way you avoid that you sing the voice you recognise from radio broadcasting. Later on it is always possible to decide to change your choice of voice.



News from the coach:

Great work yesterday at the rehearsal! I was pleasantly surprised by your rendition of ‘Merry Christmas Everyone”, same goes for ’Set Fire To The Rain’, keep up the good work. The points that we practiced yesterday: – Merry Christmas Everyone: Try to clap along with the first verse, some lines were rushed, try to feel the pulse. The active singing was perfect, but keep the energetic singing aligned with the rhythm. ABBA – Try to learn the lyrics by heart and sing it next Sunday without peeking. – California Dreaming: Na na na na part: build up the volume (crescendo), you hear the flute on the track that’s building up to a climax, don’t go louder than that but increase the volume more so that the voices and flute create the climax together. New song: The new song: ‘Home’ by Dotan was sent to you by Derk, I can tell you that the difficulty lies in the fast lyrics in the chorus. You can practice this with starting to pronounce the lyrics on a slow pace and build up tempo. This way it gets in our muscle memory and it becomes easier.


Vocaal Regionaal nieuws / news:  

On facebook we have created a page for our choir. You can find the page by writing koor Vocality in the search bar. Please like this page and share it with others 😉 Thank you very much.

Every last Sunday of the month there will be “happy hour” This happy hour will be held from 21:30 till 22:45 hours. Monthly 3/4 different choir members will bring some drinks and food for the group to enjoy. Let’s get to know each other a bit better 😉 First happy hour will be organised on November 25th.

On Sunday December 16th our pop- and musical choir Turn Voices will perform with some songs on stage at the Kerstmarkt on Lange Voorhout The Hague. There will be 2 performances between 14:30 and 16:30 hours. Nice if you can find time to experience their performances and support them!


Workshop zangtechniek:

Deze workshop duurt 6 weken en duurt telkens één uur en vindt plaats voorafgaand aan de wekelijkse repetities. De workshop is bestemd voor mensen die beter willen leren zingen. Niet alleen de stem maar ook ritme, ademhaling, houding en ontspanning komen aan bod. Ook wordt u uitleg gegeven over stemtype, aanleg om te zingen, hoogte, laagte, volume, etc.

De workshop is bedoeld voor iedereen, die wel eens wat meer zou willen weten over zijn of haar stem.

Maximaal aantal deelnemers: 12

Neem voor meer informatie over de eerstvolgende workshop zangtechniek contact op met Vocaal Regionaal.


Vakanties (Holidays 2018 / 2019)



20 oktober – 28 oktober 2018


22 december 2018 – 6 januari 2019

Spring holiday

23 februari – 3 maart 2019

May holiday

27 april – 5 mei 2019

Summer holidays

1 juli – 31 augustus 2019

Overige vrij dagen/ Other holidays

Pasen (eastern)– Koningsdag: 27 april – Hemelvaart (Ascension) – Pinksteren (Whitsunday)